Dusting Off the Ol’ Blog … Back in Action

by Lori on January 19, 2012

(Sigh) It’s true. I let this blog go. I could say that I got very busy, and that’s true. I could also say that I put it on the back burner, and that’s true too. However, it’s time that I revive the ol’ girl (insert ‘Stayin’ Alive’ beat for the palpitations).

The good news: Aside from a two-week illness in December, I’ve stayed active. The bad news is that it’s taken a little longer than the two weeks to feel fully recovered. I don’t know what kicked me in the lungs, but man was it nasty. In that time I learned a major lesson: It doesn’t take long to get deconditioned. It takes months to lose muscle strength, but just a couple of weeks to lose fitness gains. Just two months prior I ran my first marathon – and there I was, barely able to walk a mile without feeling like I was about to hack up a lung.

But I digress, and I move forward.

I made a fitness resolution like many of you. This year I resolved to get stronger. In a strange way I crave that slightly uncomfortable feeling you only get after pushing your muscles a little further than before. That ache that reminds you that you did a healthy number of kettle bell swings the day before (you don’t feel the effects that day … it sneaks up on you while you sleep). I want to walk into the free weights area of my gym and bust out a deadlift or an overhead press that will make the guys there feel inadequate.

To achieve this, I had to make a change. I have to be more deliberate with my time and training. I know myself, and I have to have someone push me. So I found my path, I set a few goals, and oddly enough I’m not stressing too much about whether I can achieve these goals … because I KNOW I can.

The goals? The training? More on that in the next post…

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