You Pick It, You Eat It

by Lori on May 28, 2011

My kids aren’t big fruits and vegetable eaters. I’m determined to change that.

Under the guise that if they participate in the “hunting, gathering and cooking of a food, they will be more interested in consuming” theory, I took the kids strawberry picking. I’ve got one child who loves strawberries, and one who turns her nose to them.

It was a beautiful day. The strawberries could not be more perfect. And my kids actually both participated without arguing. We picked and picked and picked. “Look, Mama, the perfect berry!” We had a lot of them go into the tray. At least five times she said she was willing to try one … hey, it’s a start! Then she did … she bit the bottom of a berry. You know, the area most concentrated with seeds. Then I saw … the face. That was not a face of someone sold on strawberries. This is the girl who will happily eat broccoli and has even given the nod of approval to asparagus. I needed to sell her on them quick because we just picked 10 pounds of berries.

“Maybe if you put sugar on it, Mama!” Great, ruin a perfectly good berry with sugar. This stuff is golden! We don’t get these little orbs of juicy wonder all year round!

So it’s my goal this summer season, especially since everything is farm fresh, to turn my picky kids around and help them learn to love healthy foods. Wish me luck!

Thursday’s workout: Body Combat (544 calories burned – equivalent to about 4 pounds of strawberries … which I may have already eaten)

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