Biggest Loser, Biggest Changes

by Lori on May 26, 2011

As I sit and watch the season finale of “The Biggest Loser” on television, I am in awe of these folks. I’m not saying that I agree with some of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans I’ve heard of (like water manipulation and starvation). However, these folks look happy that they reached goals or took significant steps toward a goal. And I truly believe there is a ripple effect of people who are helped by the show … from their own homes.

After watching 11 seasons of this show, the one aspect of the transformation that absolutely baffles me is how much their faces change. Sure, they drop hundreds of pounds from their bodies, but the facial transformation for some is unbelievable. I didn’t recognize a couple of people … and I’m a die-hard fan!

The journalist in me wants to get my hands on one of these participants and ask a million questions. What do you do when you’re not on camera getting your butts handed to you? Is every morsel of food on campus purchased for you? Do they plant junk food around to see if you’d be tempted? Do you get Bob and Jillian’s cell numbers to be texting buddies after the show is over? Are you completely annoyed by the overt product placement spots they make you film? (You can’t tell me those clips about the gum or storage bags happened naturally.)

Two big losers ... Me and Danny Cahill! (Of course he's a loser in the best sense of the word!)

I did have a chance to meet season 8 winner Danny Cahill. He came to Frederick in March for an event. He could not be more down to earth. To me, meeting him proved that these people are real, and some have a genuine interest in helping others. Danny (you know, we’re on a first-name basis now) didn’t strike me as being motivated by an appearance fee.

Anyone I’ve known to have lost a bunch of weight has been more than happy to share their story. Geez, get me started and you’ll lose weight simply because I’ll talk for so long that you’ll wither away to nothing. When you’ve been there, done that and know how it feels to no longer ‘be’ there, it’s natural to want to help people out.

I’m here for you. I am not a nutritionist or a medical professional, but I’ve been there, done that, and now hold a certification as a personal trainer. My hope is to motivate, humbly inspire, and if I do it in the spirit of my personality, crack you up along the way.

Workout of the day: Squeezed in a 2-mile run (226 calories) after a busy day with kids.



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Anna June 2, 2011 at 10:54 pm

I know what you mean about the contestant’s faces. I was particularly stricken by Sarah – she looked SO different at the finale. Quite a stunner!


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